Showing The Love At Valentine’s! 4 Ideas To Make Your Kiddo Feel Special!

My 16 year old, Andie, has a very special birthday! She was born on Valentine’s day! When she was little she loved the idea of having such a unique day and nobody ever forgets her birthday. Sometimes it has been hard because I want to make her birthday special but I also want to make sure my 13 year old feels like it’s Valentines. Every year, I try to come up with something new that lets them know how much they are loved. I usually start on the 1st on February and end on Valentines, so there is a separation between the holiday and Andie’s birthday. The great thing is that showing love doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!
Here is 5 fun ideas that you can do to make your kiddo’s feel special!!
1. Heart Attack: Every day place a heart onto their bedroom door with a one word description, (such as; smart, smile, loving, talented, brave, honest, etc.), of a positive trait that you love about them! As the door becomes covered with love, your child will know just how much you love them and how truly special they are!
2. 14 days of love: Every day leave a small gift by there door.  Here is some free printables and ideas, click here! They will get so excited to see what the new day will bring.
3. I love you because….: You can either make some cute homemmade bags or purchase some from the store. Each day, leave a little treat in the bag and write on the front a reason why you love them so much! I did this one year and my girls went crazy. Click here to check it out!
4. Personalized M&M’s: 

My M&Ms combines the world’s most love chocolate with your own personalization to make any celebration sweeter like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and Weddings.

Create your own blend with 25 colors and add personal touch with your photos, messages and a clipart library for any occasion printed right on the candy! I ordered Andie and Lisa a package filled with their cute little faces on each M&M!
It was so fun to play with the different choices they give you and I know my girl’s will be thrilled to see their personalized M&M’s! Seriously, you need to go to MY M&M’s and make your own masterpiece!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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