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I live in a small town in Utah! I love it here and it’s a perfect place to raise a family! There isn’t a month that goes by that you don’t see someone giving back to our community. Our city has an amazing recreation program that people give countless hours to coach different sports for the youth without getting paid. There is a park and the junior high near my home and one of my favorite things, in the summer, is to drive by and see so many of our youth participating in activities that are affordable and just as many adults caring if the youth of our city succeed.
It has always been so important to me that I serve the people that I live by and hopefully teach my kids that life is at it’s fullest when you do. This summer, my husband and I coached our youngest daughter’s softball team. Of course, we did it for our girl but we learned so much from these girls and nothing can compare the joy I felt when they took 4th in state because I knew how many countless hours we spent together to achieve that goal.
We live in a Republican state, and it’s really hard for anyone from the Democratic party to win. My oldest son, Zac, had just graduated from law school and was approached by the Democratic party to run for a local office. Being a poor graduate and never running for office before, he didn’t have any money to run a strong campaign but since he was asked he knew he had to step up. He didn’t win but I was so proud because he didn’t shy away from something that could be so hard but he wanted to do his part. My family, my community and giving back is what makes me feel the most fulfilled.
 What makes you feel fulfilled?  Abbott’s LIFE. TO THE FULLEST is a company that wants to find out what living fully means to you. All over the world, people have their own unique ideas about how this looks and feels, and there’s one thing we share: we each want to live the best life we can. What is #fullosophy? It’s your own unique way of living that gets you to your fullest. Your joyfullest, your peacefullest, your hopefullest. Your #fullosophy is at the heart of who you really are, and it helps you become your best possible self. How we get to that place is different for each of us. It’s personal- but the quest to achieve our best life is what we all have in common no matter who we are or where we live. It’s time to take a stand and declare your #fullosophy!
Abbott is committed to helping you live fully and strive to be a happier, healthier version of yourself. This commitment is characterized in the following ways:
●      Belief that good health (in fact, the best health possible) is absolutely key to achieving your goals.
●      Constantly looking for ways to maximize your life, the lives of those around you, and the broader community.
●      Thrive: Be extraordinary in all that you do!
o      Abbott wants you to share expert advice, tips, and resources that have helped you achieve better health at every stage of your life.
●      Know: Stay one step ahead for total well-being!
o      Abbott wants you to share how you’ve armed yourself with knowledge so you can make better health decisions for yourself, your family, and those you care about.
●      Manage: Accept no limits to your potential!
o      Abbott wants to help you learn how to better manage health-related challenges, how you continue to stay motivated to take charge of your overall wellness.So what is your #fullosophy? I would love to hear from you!



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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