These are a few of my FAVORITE things! 5 Gift Ideas for Moms!


I’m no Oprah but with Christmas just around the corner, and my hubby
continually asking me what I’d want for Christmas, I started thinking about the
things that I REALLY love. It also made me think you might appreciate a list of
things that a 30-something mother-of-4 might enjoy, whether you’re buying for
yourself, your wife, or someone you love!! So here goes.

First on the list, my Birch Box. It’s a box full of makeup, perfume,
and beauty product samples. It comes once a month and it’s only $10. I love it
because it’s like a little surprise once a month, and it gives me the chance to
pamper myself with luxurious masks and lotions I normally wouldn’t buy. It also
helps me find new affordable products that I LOVE!

Second, my silicone baking sheets. I got them at Costco a few months ago, but you can get them here. I love them because NOTHING sticks to them; which makes them super easy to clean. I also love the way that my Pecan Sandies turned out when I baked them with the silicone mats. They were perfectly cooked and not too brown on the bottom. 
Third, this hands free bottle from Podee. It’s not something I use every day. I hardly ever use it actually, but on days when we are running kids around for 3+ hours to different activities, it sure is a life saver. Poor little baby gets stuck in her car seat and I’m stuck driving, but she still gets hungry, so I hook this bad boy up and one of my older kids watches her eat, but doesn’t have to hold the bottle for her. It prevents air bubbles and is perfect for traveling!
Fourth, Zulily! Okay, this isn’t really one gift, but it’s an awesome website for toys, clothes, and everything baby! You can also get household items and clothes for women. I LOVE IT! I buy almost all of my kids clothes there. I find awesome deals on shoes and clothes for my kids that sometimes beat WalMart prices. Since I live in a small town, this is a total lifesaver to me! These are old pictures, but all of these clothes were purchased at Zulily! Check it out, if you haven’t already!


Fifth, my Silhouette Cameo! I just bought it a few months ago, but I’m so excited about it! It can do SO many amazing things, and I can’t wait to do more crafts with it!
I hope this list gets the brain juices flowing, it’s not too long, but I’m a simple gal! Anything that makes my life easier gets two thumbs up! 



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