Do More Knowing Your Child Is Safe

The Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor is awesome! It’s that simple. And it’s that awesome because it’s so simple! I have absolutely loved using it because it is hassle free, performs how it’s supposed to, and gives me piece of mind. 
What I mean when I say hassle free is that you simply plug it in and it works. I was shocked! The last video monitor we had took hours for us to figure out how to set up. It connected through the wifi so if the internet went down it didn’t work. And I couldn’t take in anywhere unless I wanted to spend a few frustrating hours setting it up. It was so complicated we didn’t even bother setting it up when we moved into our new house. 
In contrast, I got this Ovia monitor working five seconds after taking it out of the box simple by plugging it in and pressing the power button. If I want to take it somewhere, (like on vacation, grandma’s, etc.) I can just unplug it, and plug it in at the new location without any problems. It’s so nice!
The cameras and monitors work exactly as you’d expect them to. You can see in color during the day, as well as see in the dark. You can control them very easily with the monitor and you can switch between monitors quickly. The monitor is wireless, and is very simple to charge. 
I also really love that you can turn off the monitor screen without turning off the monitor. This way, It’s not super bright at night while I’m trying to sleep, but I know I will still be alerted if my son wakes up. Then I can quickly turn on the monitor to see what’s up. 
Another great function is that you can talk back to your child. This is super helpful when my toddler wakes up and I can’t go grab him right away. I can say “hi” and let him know I’m coming so he doesn’t get worried! This allows me to get more done because I don’t feel like I have to rush in there right when he wakes up. 
Overall I was very impressed with this baby monitor. I am super excited to have two cameras because baby number two’s due date is coming quicker than I expected! It really will give me peace of mind to know that I can see and hear both of them whenever I need to. This will definitely allow me to sleep more soundly, work on my hobbies, and have more time to myself!
I would highly suggest it for anyone looking for a fantastic, easy to use, video monitor.Click here to enter a a Rafflecopter giveaway of the product!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.



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