The Inspiring Story Behind the Sauce!


The spaghetti picture. Everyone has one! Why? Because every mom needs a go to meal that is quick, healthy, and delicious! I never understood what worn out meant until I became a mom. Sometimes dinner rolls around and it takes every ounce of energy left in my body just to lift that little guy into his high chair, much less think of a meal and cook it. Luckily I learned a little life savor from my mom! Spaghetti is definitely our go to meal for those nights. In fact, i’d call it a tradition! There’s just a little bit of comfort each day knowing that in my pantry there’s always a pack of spaghetti and some Ragu pasta sauce to go with it!



Something really interesting that I found out recently is that Ragu sauce has an inspiring story behind it. The creator of the sauce was an amazing immigrant from Italy who totally embodies the spirit of a mother fighting to do her best day after day. This is the story of Assunta Cantisano. The story of a woman and a dream. Assunta made the voyage from Italy to America with a little something extra up her sleeve, her family’s recipe for tomato sauce– a secret and sublime combination of vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, fennel, garlic and ground pepper. MMMM!!! 

She hid the recipe safely through her passage to America, and when she arrived she began sharing pasta sauce with her neighbor’s. Soon they were raving about it, and her neighbor’s neighbor’s were raving about it! It wasn’t easy though. Assunta grew up in a man’s world during our nation’s toughest time– the Great Depression. And in a time when people expected less, she gave them more. When people were forced to put their hopes, dreams and aspirations on the back burner, Assunta placed hers decidedly on the front burner. Her recipe literally became the recipe for her success…Thus, Ragú pasta sauce was born! (For more information about her click here!)


Whenever I think about the Great Depression I’m struck with a lot of fear, especially now that I’m a parent. If I feel like it’s hard to be a mother now, how would I have kept going back then? I love hearing stories of people who perservered during that time, and Assunta is definitely one of them. Hundreds of pasta sauces have graced the shelves over the past 80 years, but only one has become America’s number one!

If you’ve never tried Ragu pasta sauce, and you think I’m crazy for suggesting that just spaghetti and sauce is delicious, you’re in for a real treat! Try it! There is a special method that my family has always done though that I think adds a little more zing to the meal. The trick is, after you have cooked and drained the spaghetti noodles, put them back in the pot and add the sauce. Let it simmer for about 3-4 minutes. This lets the noodles soak in the flavor and thoroughly heats the sauce. (Just writing this is making me crave it!)


If your late night, long day, dinner cooking skills are a little above mine then I’ve got an awesome opportunity for you! There is a sweeps contest running on called Ready. Set. Cook! that challenges home cooks to create new and unique recipes featuring Ragu sauce, plus a set list of other ingredients. That sounds like so much fun! Check it out by clicking here!

Good luck!!





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