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Three of my four daughters that have been involved with competitive dance and cheer leading. I know there is a lot of moms out there that relate to trying to have everything you need for competition season. You have to wake up so early and if you forget something then the whole team loses points on the performance. I remember one time that I had everything packed but I still forgot Andie’s dance shoes! We had to find someone that would let us borrow their shoes so she could dance.
Now, my Andie is a high school cheerleader and has to be at the high school each morning by 6:00 am. She has to take everything with her to get ready for school and sometimes, she has to have everything she needs for a game that she will be cheering at that night.  Trust me, Caboodles make it so much easier for your beauties to keep their things to together and be ready for anything that comes their way! I found mine at Walmart and it was only $12.99! What a deal for your sanity.


Since my girl is always on the run, and I’m sure you are too, so I thought I would share with you 5 easy beauty tips every girl should know about to make things easier! The great thing is you can keep all your supplies in your Caboodle and then you won’t have an excuse not to do your daily regiment.
1. Keep makeup remover pads next to your bed in your Caboodle, so you have no excuses not to take off your makeup before you go to sleep. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause breakouts and infections. 
2. Impatient? If you can’t wait for your moisturizer, toner and self tanner to dry, or for makeup to set, then blast your skin with a hair dryer on the cool setting.
3. Cracked heels? give yourself a foot treatment while you sleep. Cover each foot with foot lotion and then slip on a pair of socks before you get into bed. In the morning, your feet will be soft and smooth.
4. Dirty hair? Apply baby powder to your roots before bed. The powder will soak up the excess oil that make your hair look greasy.
5. Motivation! To avoid running late in the morning, make a playlist that runs exactly as long as you have to get out the door. Challenge yourself to finish by the last song.

Your Caboodle has different compartments to fit everything you need to stay organized and keep your regiment running smoothly. 


I bet most of you ladies have fond memories of your first Caboodle. The cute makeup organizers are a cherished gift moms give to their cute daughters as they grow up and begin to start their very own routine. Now, the Caboodles brand is all grown up and just as fun and fashionable as ever! I think its my turn to go get my own, so I can keep my beauty products organized and I can be as fashionable as my girls!

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