Yummy Rice, Kid-Approved side dish!

Yummy-Rice-2 My kids love rice. In fact, they would eat it at every meal if they could. Yummy Rice is their new favorite though. Don’t tell them that it’s super easy for me to make, or they might not like it as much! Yummy-Rice (16) I simply use Swanson® Broth instead of water when I cook rice. It’s a great way to add flavor to any side dish with a simple swap! The kids think I’m putting so much extra effort in with my ‘secret ingredient’ that they gobbled it right up before I even got the rest of their meal in front of them! Yummy-Rice (24) Swanson® Broth brings the perfect balance of chicken, vegetables, herbs and spices to any side dish you add it to. It would be great in your mashed potatoes, or as the base for a delicious sauce or soup.  I always have a box of broth in my fridge, because it can be used for almost every meal I make!Yummy-Rice (6) Yummy Rice (serves 6) 3 cups quick cooking rice 3 cups Swanson® Broth 3 T butter salt and pepper to taste Directions: Bring Swanson® Broth, butter and salt and pepper to a boil, Add quick cooking rice. Cover and remove from heat. Keep lid on for 5 minutes, fluff with fork and serve! Click here for more delicious Campbell’s recipes. You can also follow @SwansonBroths on Facebook and Instagram for more ideas! Visit Sponsors Site

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