Stop Paying $300 for Glasses- Here’s How!

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There are a lot of things that you pay for being a parent. We feed our kids, put clothes on their backs and not to mention how many dollars we pay for lessons and activities they are involved in. One of thing that can be quite expensive is eyeglasses! I have had two of my kids that have needed glasses and it doesn’t matter how many lectures you give them to be careful with their glasses, it never fails, you are either replacing the frame or your getting them repaired. Then if you have a husband that forgets where he last left his glasses, all you are doing is paying for your family to see!


What would you do if you could find somewhere that you get your glasses for a better price? According to Vision Impact Institute research 75% of people in the US have vision correction, most of them use glasses. I found! They offer quality prescription glasses at affordable prices that save the customer up to 70% off retail prices. A complete pair of glasses starts at $48 with lenses and that’s before any coupon discounts! You can get 50% off the first pair when you sign up at


I love to shop online because it gives you a chance to decide what you really want. has a huge variety of different styles and the lenses are the same high quality you would get at any retail store and are made by a professional opticians at in house state of the art laboratories. 

This is the fun part, you can try on any pair by uploading your photo and seeing it through their virtual mirror on the site. will give you an risk free experience, free shopping, free shipping & returns, and free exchanges. They will also price match and give you a 365 day product warranty.


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