How I Increased My Milk Supply After Each of My 4 Babies!

How I Increased My Milk Supply After Each of My 4 Babies!




Time for a little confession… Breastfeeding has NEVER been easy for me. I wanted to quit after only a few weeks with each of my babies. My milk supply has never been abundant, and getting the right latch was also really hard. After my second baby was born 8 weeks early I was pumping exclusively, since my baby was only being fed by a tube through her nose.


I wasn’t making nearly enough milk, and I was discouraged. My baby was a preemie and she REALLY needed breast milk to help her tiny little body thrive. Luckily for me, the nurses and her doctor gave me some really good tips that helped me make enough to nurse her until she was 9 months old. Here’s what worked for me, and I hope it will help you too, if you’re struggling!

  1. Drink more water! Keep yourself as hydrated as possible. The hospital mug they give you when you give birth is perfect! Keep it at your side and keep filling it up!
  2. Power Pumping with a hospital grade pump. Pump both breasts for 10 minutes every hour on the hour. This one is rough because it takes so much time, but it totally worked for me.
  3. Get plenty of rest. This is totally hard to do with a newborn. Especially if you have more than one child, but try to take naps as often as you can. Let the house cleaning take a back seat and get the rest your body needs.
  4. Mothers Milk Tea. I found this tea at WalMart and it has totally helped increase my supply! I was so impressed with how quickly it worked and it’s not that terrible!
  5. Fenugreek. Fenugreek is an herbal supplement I took to help amp up my supply. It did increase my supply, the only thing I didn’t like was that it upset my stomach a little. It also makes your pee smell like maple syrup. Weird.


2 thoughts on “How I Increased My Milk Supply After Each of My 4 Babies!”

  1. Great tips Jessica! When I was worried about my supply me and the baby had a couple of days out just hanging in bed and snoozing and snacking and having lots of skin to skin.

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