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I started wearing glasses when I was 4 years old and back then they didn’t have many choices of frames for  little kids. The older I got there seem to be a better selection, but still I wasn’t too thrilled to have to wear glasses. Now that I’m a mom and have had a couple of kids that have needed glasses, I’m more aware of how the right frames can showcase each individuals style. The truth is, now you have kids begging to wear glasses even if they don’t need them and the problem is glasses can be so expensive!
 We have had so many different kinds of eye insurance through the years and I thought all the different insurances were the same but boy was I wrong! When my husband started his job about 4 years ago, we enrolled in VSP Direct™.  I was thrilled to find out that it paid for a yearly eye exams for each family member and gives you access to a large selection of frames from classic styles to trendy, including dozens of top brand names like Nine West, so you can find one that fits your own personal style.
It can be so expensive to pay for glasses when you are trying to get new lenses and frames it can add up to hundreds of dollars, but individual vision insurance from VSP Direct™ can help complete your personal look through access to affordable, and stylish fashion glasses, like Nine West frames.


I love fashion and with Fall here it is so fun to see what the new looks will be. The smallest thing can bring the whole outfit together. All the styles featured by Nine West and VSP Direct can be worn by any women. You can simply choose a small thing from each style to incorporate in your every day life.  I love these frames from Nine West that are so classic but so trendy at the same time. Animal print seems to be always around, and can make your outfit go from a 1 to a 10 in no time. I found these cute shoes from Nine West. and if you pair them with the Nine West frames, red pants and gold jewelry, you will look so hot!


Click on VSP Direct™  to enter the“Frame Your Fall Look” Sweepstakes now through November 7, 2015. Pin your favorite fall look for a chance to win a $150 Nine West gift card, a Nine West must-have fall accessories package and free VSP Direct vision insurance for one year.
 I shared with you some of my favorite Fall looks, what will you be wearing this Fall?

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