DIY Inexpensive Garage Bike Storage Solution

Easy-Inexpensive-Garage-Bike-Storage-Solution Are bikes taking over your garage too? We have 6 people in our family now, so that means we have a lot of bikes/ strollers. It was driving me crazy because we have a 3 car garage and the bikes were taking over the WHOLE thing! Good thing for me they were driving my hubby crazy too, so he was very motivated to get started on this project. This was a fairly simple and inexpensive project. Supplies

  • Bike hooks
  • Screws
  • MDF board

Inexpensive-Garage-Bike-Storage-Solution (2) Since we have so many bikes, we wanted a storage solution that could hold them all in one space that was accessible for me to get them down, even if hubby was gone. So we decided to use the long  MDF board placed at a height I could reach. We cut it into a 10 foot wide by  1 foot high strip. Then screwed it in on the wall, making sure to screw it into the studs. You can use a stud finder for this, or you can knock on the dry wall and listen for the spot that doesn’t sound hollow, this is where your studs are behind your dry wall and they’re strong enough to hold the weight of the board and the bikes.  Inexpensive-Garage-Bike-Storage-Solution (1) If you only have one or two bikes to hang you could just make little MDF blocks and screw them individually into the studs like we did on the bottom row.     Inexpensive-Garage-Bike-Storage-Solution (5) Now that the MDF board is in place, you can add your hooks. Just measure the distance you’ll need between each bike and then screw them in! Inexpensive-Garage-Bike-Storage-Solution (6) Inexpensive-Garage-Bike-Storage-Solution (7)    Super easy and quick way to make sure you have room for your CARS in your garage! Jessica

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