5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week

We just love our doggy, Daisy. We’ve had her since my oldest son was just a tiny little dude. She’s 8-years-old now, and she is a very patient and loving dog. She lets my kids snuggle and love her with ALL their might. She’s also our fierce protector, she barks like crazy any time someone gets near our house. (It’s annoying at times, but I know she’s doing it to protect us.) She’s also my little buddy, she follows me everywhere I go, and always wants to snuggle up next to me at night.
What can I say, she’s my 5th child and she’s the easiest child I have, don’t tell my kids! Since this week is National Dog Week (September 20-26) we’re celebrating Daisy and all the ways she likes to play.
1- Play fetch. A classic dog favorite! Daisy is no exception, and the kids love playing with her!
5-Ways-To-Celebrate-National-Dog-Week (23)
2- Give your pup a special treat or meal! Beneful has lots of yummy options for treats. Daisy also loves their chopped blends wet dog food. In honor of the week, Beneful dog food is offering $3 off 13lb. or greater size bag, available here.
3- Snuggles- Give your dog extra love and snuggles. My youngest is great at this, and Daisy loves to lick and lick her face! I think it’s gross, but I figure it’s just building her immune system.
5-Ways-To-Celebrate-National-Dog-Week (46)
4- Get a New Toy. Daisy loves her tennis balls. She also loves stuffed animals. She sneaks a certain one from the kids’ room and sucks on it’s nose like she’s nursing. We finally gave in and made it Daisy’s special toy. She hides it under our bed and snuggles with it when she gets nervous.
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5- Take your dog for a long walk/ run. Daisy LOVES going for walks. What dog doesn’t love sniffing new places, and meeting new friends! We take her to a remote area behind our home and let her run and explore new areas off of her leash. She loves it, and she always sleeps really well after our adventures!
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We want to see you celebrating National Dog Week! Post a picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter of your dog BFF and use the hashtags: #NationalDogWeek #FriendsWithBeneful and #loulougirls. Then leave us a comment using the URL from your entry on THIS BlOG post and you’ll be entered to win a Swag Bag (similar to the one pictured below) from Beneful filled with fun things like a tennis ball, leash, samples, and flying disc.
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We want to know! How do you celebrate your best furry friends?
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