Four Things You Might Not Know About Milk

As a mom, I’m always so concern about my kid’s diet and what they are actually eating and drinking. With school in full swing, it is so easy to grab a soda or a sports drink when you’re running around town, and trying to get things done. I know milk is so good for our kids as they are growing and developing. My girls are very active in competitive activities and I want to make sure their bodies are strong ready for everything! My Andie is accident prone and is very aggressive when she is playing sports, so I’m always looking for things that will keep her healthy, and sometimes I forget the simplest thing that can help to keep her moving. We are starting a 3 part series of posts that will remind us the importance of milk!  Here are 4 things you might not know about milk.
1. Milk is an Important Part of Your Diet- The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend eating right, staying active and drinking three glasses of milk each day for good health and weight. Some studies  suggest including enough milk, may even be linked to better success on a weight loss diet. Milk can also protect your smile since it reduces the level of acidity in the mouth, combats plaque formation and reduces the risk of cavities.
2. Milk May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes- There are so many kids and adults that have Type 2 diabetes and it’s expected to affect 552 million people worldwide by 2030. Adding one more glass of milk may make a difference in your health, and your chance of getting diabetes.
3. Milk May Help You Reach Your Height Potential- We are always telling our kids to drink their milk! What you may not know is that your bones continue to grow to their peak bone mass until around age 18 for women and age 20 for men. So you never know, that extra glass of milk might help you gain an extra inch!
4. Best Deal For Nutrition For Your Family- Dollar for dollar, milk is one of the most economical sources of nutrition in the grocery store. At around $.025 for a glass, milk is America’s #1 food source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. This is three nutrients that people fall short on the most. To absorb the same amount of calcium as you get from one cup of milk, you would have to eat either 10 cups of raw spinach, 6 servings of pinto beans or 3 cups of cooked broccoli in one sitting.

Nothing is more important to me than making sure my girls are ready for life! It is so easy to listen to them when they say they are too busy to eat before school and so this is a great reminder to me that it can be so simple…..make sure they drink their milk! Check out MilkLife for some great tips and follow MilkLife on Facebook! Please take a moment to visit MilkTruth for more information. We are also giving away gift cards each week, so make sure to leave your email address in the comments for a chance to win!
Which of the four things about milk surprised you the most?

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