Best Buy Wedding Gift Registry! Top 5 Gift Picks!!

Matthew and I are coming up on our 2 year anniversary! The best day of our life and we were so blessed have our family and friends around. We realized how blessed we were to have such generous friends and family! We really received some remarkable gifts! These were our top favorites that we received and maybe one or two that we would want now!

We love to cook together, which makes Best Buy Wedding Gift Registry is ideal for us! They had our favorite things! First, I hate, literally hate chopping onions! I cry every single time. That’s what make  #5 on our top five list so ideal! We received this and literally use it all the time! For dinner, desserts and so much more!

#5 – Ninja – Master Prep Food & Drink Mixer

#4 Rachael Ray – Cucina Oven-To-Table 4.5-Quart Round Casserole Dish – Agave Blue
Did I mention that we love to cook! Especially love casseroles, they are simple and easy clean up! We didn’t get this, but I would have loved to have it! When we have guests over it would be nice to have a cute dish to cook and serve it in!

#3 –  Shark – Rotator Professional Lift-Away HEPA Bagless 3-in-1 Upright Vacuum 
There is nothing more invaluable than a good vacuum that will last for a long time! First of all, no one wants to buy cleaning items for themselves. Second, nothing is more inconvenient than when you are cleaning and you can’t putting the finishing touch of vacuuming on a clean room. We got one of these for our wedding, and I assure you Shark vacuums suck, but in just the way you would want them to! They pick up literally everything and are awesome vacuums!

#2 – Cuisinart – Griddler Stainless Steel 4-in-1 Grill/Griddle and Panini Press
When I was in college, I had the infamous George Foreman grill. Well this is so much better you will jump for joy. This is a grill, griddle and panini press all in one! The best part is the removable/reversible plates! They are incredibly easy to clean! You’ll love this! 

#1 – KitchenAid Mixer
Every person needs this in their kitchen. It does bread, cake, cookies, and literally anything that needs mixing, it will do it with ease. Saves time, mess and work! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY KITCHENAID. You need one, tell your future or current spouse.
Best thing about the Best Buy Wedding Gift Registry is the Group Gifting. This allows the couple to pick what they really want with out feeling like they are asking guests to spend an excessive amount. How it all works: Group gifting allows gift-givers to contribute any amount they want, while others also can contribute to the same gift. Best Buy also has free shipping on their Wedding Registry with no minimum about, everything will ship for free! Click Here to sign up today!!


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