A Day in the Life of Feeding My Kids

A couple of years ago, daughter, was convinced that she should start drinking almond milk instead of good old cow’s milk. At first, I thought, why not? And then your mom brain turns on and your curious what your child is putting into their body. You hear that you should eat a lot of nuts but is almond milk as good for you as cow’s milk? I went in search of answers and this is what I found, you decide for yourself and your family. I thought it might be a healthy choice for a snack but my eyes were opened.


Look at the label: Not all non dairy milks have the same nutrients as cow’s milk. With the emergence of new and elimination diets, many people could be missing out on important nutrients when they cut out certain food groups entirely. Milk is the top food source of calcium and other important nutrients like vitamin D and potassium. Not all non dairy milks have the same nutrients as real milk. Real milk contains 8 grams of protein, while almond only has one gram.

Calcium and Potassium in Milk: Dairy milk is an excellent source of calcium, which helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth.  Just how much potassium is found in milk? Registered dietitian Holley Grainger Explains That each 8 ounce glass of milk gives you 11% of the daily recommended amount of potassium.


What about Almond Milk: A typical serving of almonds has 160 calories per serving, a cup of milk contains just about 30 calories. While a serving of almonds has 14 grams of total fat and 6 grams of protein, a serving of the milk has 2.5 grams of fat and just one gram of protein. In other words, a single serving of almond milk has almost no protein. Almond milk has more potassium and more of the vitamins A and D, but it has been fortified with these nutrients, they have been added in during the production process.

We all want to keep our families healthy and there are so many products out there now claiming to be the answer to everything. I know that I need to be more diligent in finding the best things for my family.

Here is a list of healthy snacks that your kids will actually want to eat!

1. Baked Sweet Potato Fries
2. Milk and Oatmeal Cookies- Of course, you want to do portion control
3. Low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit.
4. Bowl of whole grain cereal and milk
5. Pistachios in the shell and a glass of chocolate milk
6. Mini bagel spread with low fat cream cheese and strawberry jam, and a glass of milk
7. Cherry chocolate smoothie- Combine 1 cup milk. 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt. 1/2 cup cherries, and 2 Tablespoons chocolate chips in a blender and mix until smooth.
8. Instant oatmeal made with milk in the microwave with 1 teaspoon cocoa powder stirred in and topped with sliced raspberries or strawberries.
9. Mix and match- Serve baby carrots or other veggies with fat free ranch dressing. Dip graham cracker sticks or fresh fruit in fat free yogurt.
10. Fruit kabobs- Anything on a stick is fun for kids and they don’t even think about the fact you are feeding them fruit!

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Which of the four things about milk surprised you the most?

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