3 Easy and Delicious Sandwich Recipes

It’s school time, again! Which means it’s BUSY at our house every night! I know we’re not the only family that has tons of activities every night, and I know I’m not the only mom that finds it hard to get her kids to actually EAT their dinners, right?! So I’ve been thinking about ways to get my kids excited about eating their food!
Grilled cheeses are my personal favorite, so I made a 2 grilled cheese recipes using Nature’s Harvest® bread.  Nature’s Harvest® is soft and delicious and comes in different varieties that all have at least 8 whole grains each!
The first sandwich I made was a Pepperoni Pizza grilled cheese.
Start by buttering your bread. Sprinkle with garlic salt. Place buttered sides down on hot pan, and top with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Dip sandwich in your favorite marinara, and enjoy!

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My kids REALLY like the Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich, and it’s super easy for me to get done quickly! Nature’s Harvest Whole Wheat bread is so soft and delicious that kids didn’t even realize they were eating whole grains.
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There are different varieties of Nature’s Harvest breads, every one of them baked with whole grains and has at least 8g per serving. I love that there are NO artificial flavors, colors or high-fructose corn syrup! That’s why Nature’s Harvest is “The easy choice for whole grains.”
The second sandwich I made with Nature’s Harvest Bread was my Jalapeno Popper Sandwich. This is a treat my husband and I really enjoy!
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The Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese starts with a cream cheese and jalapeno spread. Just chop one jalapeno and add to 4 oz of cream cheese.
Butter bread on each side, spread 1 T of cream cheese on each side, place buttered side down and melt Gouda slices and cheddar in the middle. Dip sandwich in Raspberry Jalapeno jam. YUMMY!
3-Sandwich-Recipes (1) According to a recent nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Nature’s Harvest bread, nearly 75 percent of moms have tried using creative methods, such as styling food into fun shapes, to get their children to eat more nutritiously, and that’s exactly what I did with Nature’s Harvest White Bread.
Nature's-Harvest-Bread (35)
I set out our favorite toppings, and let the kids decide what they wanted to make. Then I let them choose what kind of bread they wanted.
Nature's-Harvest-Bread (2)
Then they chose their favorite cookie cutter. Nature's-Harvest-Bread (20)
 We cut the bread out first, and then topped it with our favorite toppings. Nature's-Harvest-Bread (26)
Nature's-Harvest-Bread (47)  Everyone was happy with their sandwiches, and every bite was eaten! I’m a happy mom!

Jessica 🙂

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