Good Morning Sunshine!

Oh my goodness, school started last Wednesday and now the fun begins! The night before, I went to Walmart to stock up on yummy goodness that will encourage my cute daughters to eat breakfast. All the moms out there know what I mean! They are so worried about what there going to look like and if they will remember where there classes are that the last thing on their mind is breakfast! They love yogurt and since my Andie has had problems with dairy products upsetting her stomach, I thought I would try Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt. The great thing about Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt is that it’s plant powered nutrition and it so smooth and creamy. It only has 6 grams of soy protein per serving, no cholesterol, no artificial flavors or colors, and the taste is delightful with every spoonful!

Andie has to be at the high school by 6 am in the morning for cheer. They are working out for several hours before school even starts. If I have things ready for her as she leaves the house, then she is more willing to take something and eat!

My 12 year old, is so worried about all the things that go with starting junior high school and she has cheer after school. They both love things that can help power their bodies through all their activities but it has to taste good!

So I came up with the idea to have a yogurt breakfast bar ready to go and they can “gourmet” their own yogurt before they head out. Simply cut up berries and fruit the night before and put them into containers to keep them fresh. Find a basket around the house and get everything you need to make the breakfast bar successful. A few minutes before they need to head out the door, fill containers with the fresh fruit, and before you know it they have a divine breakfast that you will be happy to send them with.
If your kids have a schedule like mine or are part of a team, I thought it would be great for Andie to take it with her for her morning practice and share it with the cheer squad! Super easy for my Miss Andie to share the love.

You can let your kids help you come up with the toppings you provide for the breakfast bar and make it a family affair before you know it, they will be the ones getting it ready for the next morning!



Be sure to check out more delicious no-dairy recipes at the official Silk website . I’d love to hear your favorite!

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