Fun Family Activity in Southern Utah

Fun Family Activity in Southern Utah


Fun Family Activity in Southern Utah! We have lived in Southern Utah for almost 15 years, it’s crazy how much there is to do here. Tons of fun hikes, and a few National Parks within an hours drive of our home.

A few weeks ago, while I was trying to put myself into labor, I decided we should go on a family-friendly hike up in Cedar Breaks. If you’re not from Utah, Cedar Breaks is a short 40 minute drive from Cedar City. The drive up to Cedar Breaks is entertainment enough, but there are a ton of lookout points and hikes along the way.

Fun Family Activity in Southern Utah


This place is absolutely gorgeous, and they even have a wildflower festival every year. The flowers are breathtaking and you absolutely HAVE to go if you’re ever in the area! Here is a link about the Wildflower Festival. The Wildflower festival is in July, and I couldn’t capture the beauty of it with my lacking photographer skills, but it’s beautiful!

Cedar-Breaks-Wildflower-Festival (11)


The trails are marked with descriptions and names of the different plants you see on your hike. They even have guided tours during the festival. We missed the festival by a few days, but the flowers were still blooming!


Cedar-Breaks-Wildflower-Festival (12)


There’s even an old historic building to take a look at on your way.


Cedar-Breaks-Wildflower-Festival (13)



  Cedar-Breaks-Wildflower-Festival (15)  Cedar-Breaks-Wildflower-Festival (17)      Cedar-Breaks-Wildflower-Festival (23)


This hike totally made my heart happy, and the kids were in awe too.  


Cedar-Breaks-Wildflower-Festival (25)   


Fun Family Activity in Southern Utah

I would highly recommend visiting Cedar Breaks! Little Mister insisted on wearing his cowboy gear for his hike. It only seemed natural! What hikes do you enjoy in your area? We’d love to hear!

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  1. Great post about Cedar Breaks! My husband and I drive over the Cedar Breaks pass sometimes when we are traveling to/from our cabin, which is about a 100 miles north of Cedar Breaks. I'll have to check out the Wildflower Festival some time. Southern and central Utah is definitely full of spectacular scenery.

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