“Being Kind Makes You Feel Happy”

As a mother of 6, I have worked hard to help my kids to find their talents and build their confidence. I started when they were young and encouraged them to try many different things. I have never cared what they decided to “love” but I know how important it is for each child to have confidence in who they are and their worth. Our weeks are full of nights running each child to their individual lessons, softball games or practices. The great thing about being involved is that they gain friends, talents and they believe when they get into high school they can try out for different teams that they choose and they know they are prepared. We have been blessed because several of my kids have received scholarships because of their talents.

That being said, I always thought once my child had made a team in their high school years, they were set! A group of friends that had their back, involved in all the activities in their school and their confidence would go sky high! That didn’t happen with my Andie.  Andie is my fifth child and very talented. In ninth grade, she tried out for the high school softball team and drill team and made both. On the softball team, it didn’t turn out to be the experience that we thought she would have but I gave her the pep talk that she just needed to work harder and prove them wrong.

In the summer, before her sophomore year and the start of drill, she got hurt playing softball and had a high sprang and a deep bone bruise and the orthopedic surgeon told her she needed to stay off it for 4 to 6 weeks . When she went to practice for drill she couldn’t participate because she was injured. The drill team coach decided since she was hurt in the summer, she wouldn’t be able to dance in any of the dances that they  would be using for competition for State, this was so hard on Andie. As a family, we try hard to never quit on anything that we have started, so she continued to be on time for every practice and give it her all, and she received an “A” each term. It was also hard because she didn’t have any friends on the team and her confidence started to disappear.


It even gets better! Miss Andie tried hard to work through it and she focused on softball and went to open gyms every night with her high school coach and since her sister is the high school softball coach of the other high school in town, she went to her open gyms as well. She was ready for try outs and couldn’t wait! The weekend before softball tryouts, she went to a tournament with her accelerated team and broke her thumb from a collision at home plate! She still tryed out and made it but the coaches didn’t show any concern for her when she had to have thumb surgery! Then she decided that softball wasn’t going to work for her, so she decided to try out for the cheer squad. 


Andie worked hard again and her best friend Jacee, who has been on the squad for 3 years, became her drill sergeant, and she went to the try outs with a big red cast on her arm. Yes, you guessed it, she didn’t make it, we thought! As I saw my child crumble. I decided to see if we could change her to the other high school for the next year and maybe try out for their cheer squad. After all the hard work and running around, she was able to transfer for this year and she made the cheer squad at the new school and come to find out, she made the squad at her old school! The judges had not tallied the scores correctly!


After a year like this, you can imagine how nervous I am for her to start a new school and keep her confidence strong. Andie is excited to start her new school and loves the cheer squad but still there is the first day of school! I love the new line of school supplies by Day Spring Sadie Robertson “Live Original” products! Positive messages on each folder to remind my cute daughter to be strong and know who she is! I found mine at Hobby Lobby and the colors are so cute! It doesn’t matter the child, starting school can be hard even for the most confident child and as their mothers we want them to take a piece of home with them to face the new dragons. What an amazing way to do it, with the positive message on the school supplies that they will be using each and every day!

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