Easy DIY Rope Clock

DIY Rope Clock!

DIY Rope Clock


Now that we’ve moved into a bigger place, I am redoing my one-year-olds room from a paper airplane nursery to a more toddler friendly dinosaur/explorer room. He needed a clock and I was one similar to this on etsy for $45.

I almost splurged and bought it but then thought about how easy it would be to recreate it in order to keep things within my budget. (My version cost about $7!) It was super easy and turned out pretty cute! I can’t wait to hang it up!! Dinosaur room post coming soon!!

DIY Rope Clock


Cheap clock
Glue gun


1. Start with the end of the string and glue it to the clock. (Keep the rest of the string on the spool.)
2. Leave a small trail of glue, then press the string into it.
3. Continue until the clock is covered!



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