DIY Bird Bath Planter

Birdbath Planter Hi I am bonbon from FARMHOUSE 40. I am so excited that I was invited to be a contributor to Lou Lou Girls. They are such a lovely, talented and fun group of ladies. Today I have an EASY How To I think you will like….I love this project and had so much fun that once I finished, I knew I wanted to share this with you all. You might ask? Will this be fun? Check Will it add beauty or usefulness to my home or garden? Check Doesn’t cost a ton of money. Check This is all the above! Birdbath Planter So let’s jump right in……You may have some of the supplies on hand if not you won’t need much to pull this together. I had everything except the plants. I made a stop by my local nursery on my way home from work and I was set. Here is what you will need: Potting soil 15″ dia. x 12″ H terra cotta pot or the color of terra cotta pot and a stand or Urn type terra cotta color pot Med. size growers pot (the kind that your plants come in) Jar or pot for the stand Flowers/plants that you like Some type of trailing vine plant 8″ Terra Cotta Saucer Birdbath Planter Birdbath Planter Birdbath Planter Put medium size nursery pot upside down in the pot. Fill the surrounding area of the pot with potting soil. Birdbath Planter Birdbath Planter Arrange the plants around edge of the pot and leave the center open for your jar/pot for the saucer stand. I used a pint size glass jar in the center as my stand for the saucer. Find something that is the correct height and not to big around for the center. Birdbath planter how to Set the saucer on top of your stand in the center. Fill with water and let your birds enjoy the bath. I didn’t use glue and the saucer stays in place even through rain storms. IMG_2159.jpgA Birdbath planter how to There you go…your own birdbath planter…..I tried to get a photo with some of the birdies taking their baths but they were camera shy….I think you get the idea. Just remember to fill the bath tray with water each day or every other day. Have fun and enjoy your new Birdbath Planter. I would love for you to stop by and see us at FARMHOUSE 40 or come Hang Out with me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Until next time…..xoxox bonbongreenheart 1 You might also like:

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14 thoughts on “DIY Bird Bath Planter”

    1. Hi Carolyn……I hope you enjoy the one you make. I know my little birdies have been enjoying mine. I get to relax and watch them. Fun! Thanks for taking time to stop by. Have a great weekend.

  1. This looks beautiful! And I love that it is simple to do! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week! We always love having you there!

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