Red Carpet Movie Premier Ideas

The last two weeks I have been running Backlot Film Camp in Spanish Fork, UT. Every year we do a big red carpet premier for the kids to show off the videos they have created and feel like real movie stars. I will share some of the cheaper options we’ve done for you DIY’ers, but this year we were able to buy an actual backdrop, and rented out a theater. As you will see below, it was awesome!!

Backdrop Ideas:

The first year we put up butcher paper and made a stencil and spray painted our logo onto it.  It was super cheap and although maybe a little ghetto, no one seemed to mind!


The second year we tried to up our game and so we glued/taped a bunch of papers together. It looked much better than the spray painted version but unless you’re doing a small version I wouldn’t really suggest it because it took FOREVER and we couldn’t store it after. We had to just throw it away because it fell apart. 🙁

This year we finally got real and purchased a backdrop. We got it from and it was well worth the money! It was super high quality for a very affordable price, and came with it’s own stand, and was super easy to set up.


This year Lou Lou Girl Kim made us a gorgeous glam background complete with props! The kids loved it so if you’re looking for a DIY option I would highly suggest this! Check back soon for her blog post! 

Red Carpet Ideas:

The first and second year we used a fabric carpet from Zurchers. It was cheap and actually looks really good in the photos, but it was really small for the price. It wasn’t durable enough to save for the future but it worked great for the evening.


This year we used a red plastic table cloth that was 100 ft long. It doesn’t look quite as good in the pictures but it was cheaper and longer so it worked much better for our purposes.

I also burn a DVD for each kid and so at the premier I have them sign their autographs on the back so that they get the full “famous” experience. They think it’s pretty cool.

Good luck with your red carpet extravaganza!!



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