Easy DIY Patriotic Shutter

DIY Patriotic Shutter! 

DIY Patriotic Shutter

I have been so excited about decorating for the month of July! In Utah, we celebrate the 4th of July and the 24th because it celebrates the pioneer’s coming to Utah! So, we LOVE our red, white and blue! And it doesn’t hurt to show our patriotism all year round. This was such a fun project to do and it’s super easy. 

DIY Patriotic Shutter


1 shutter
craft paint
star cutouts
I wanted an old shutter, so I could distress it a little, but I couldn’t find one, so I got onto Amazon and ordered me one. They come in packs of two and the size I wanted, only came in plastic.
Paint the top part blue and then every two brackets after that rotate with the white and the red. I found a pack of cutout stars at Walmart for under $2. After that, it’s up to you how you embellish the shutter. 

It looks so cute on my front porch!! My husband liked it so much that he wanted me to paint all our shutters on our house the same way!

8 thoughts on “Easy DIY Patriotic Shutter”

  1. Kim,
    What an adorable idea. I love how it turned out. I have some shutters so I will keep this idea for next year. Pinning it.
    Thanks for linking up to Turn It Up Tuesday,

  2. I love this so much!! It's such a fun idea and so patriotic too! Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks! Hope to see you again this week. It's so fun to party with you!

  3. Is that a louvered door? That's what it looks like to me. We had to leave several of wood shutter doors when we left KY, dadgumit. Can do so much with them. Do you have a Habitat where you live or anywhere close? I find the wood shutter/louvered doors at Habitat often, just seems like don't have money for door when I do find them. Little more than I'd care to pay but would if wanted door bad enuf.
    Your louvered/shuttered door looks so great, love it, wonderful project. Painting louvers isn't fun but when you're done seems worth it. Adorable decoration for your porch. I made good sized flag with pallet wood last year and have it hanging on front porch all the time. Even got small flag out so I could see how stars were on it to make it more authentic. Only time we take it down to put away for while is when it starts snowing. We live in western CO west of Grand Junction. Sure love your flag door.
    Happy summer.

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