Amazing Places to Stay in Las Vegas


School is out for SUMMER! All I want to do is get out of town! One of the first places I think of is Las Vegas, Nevada. There is so much to do in Vegas, whether you like to gamble, see a musical, go to the buffets, fancy restaurants, shopping or simply lay out by the pool. There is truly something for everyone. You can search for more information online and you will see what I mean! First thing you need to do is find a place to stay. My family and I have stayed a lot of different places in Vegas and have never been disappointed. Here are some of the great places to stay in Vegas. Get info on hotels in Vegas!

Wynn Las Vegas
The Wynn Las Vegas has become the most profitable hotel and casino in the city, since opening it’s doors in 2005. This may come as a surprise to many people, especially since the Wynn does not receive the same amount of publicity that many of the other hotels receive. Despite the fact that the Wynn is not in the heart of the Vegas Strip, it is the the number one money maker in Las Vegas. Not only does the Wynn make more money from gaming than any other casino in Las Vegas, the hotel makes more money per room than any of its competitors. This is a tribute to the outstanding service that is provided by the hotel.

Luxor Las VegasThe Luxor is one of the most famous hotels in the city because it is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid. The name Luxor is taken from the city of the same name in Egypt. It is the seventh largest hotel in the world, boasting 4,407 rooms. The entire hotel is decorated in the theme of ancient Egypt, many of the employees are also dressed in costumes that resemble those warn thousands of years ago. The main pyramid that is the primary structure of the hotel cost $370 million to construct. Once you have seen what it looks like inside, you will see that they did not waste a single penny. It is truly a beautiful building to look at.

Excalibur Hotel and CasinoThis is another Las Vegas hotel and casino that is instantly recognizable because of its very distinct appearance. This is the hotel that my family always went to when I was a child, I loved to stay in a castle as a child. The castle is appropriate because Excalibur is the legendary sword used by King Arthur in many famous stories. It opened in 1990 and has 4,008 rooms. It is owned by MGM Resort International, the same company that owns and operates Luxor. There is also a fitness center and spa that encompass more than 13,000 square feet. 

The Venetian Las VegasOpening in 1999, the Venetian is the world’s largest hotel, with 7,117 rooms, 3,068 of these being suites. It also has a casino that encompasses more than 120,000 square feet. The hotel was named after the city of Venice, Italy. Because of this, many of the most famous landmarks in Venice have been faithfully recreated throughout the hotel. Some of these included the Rialto Bridge, the Lion of Venice Column and the Palazzo Ducale.

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