The Rasmussen Family – Adoption Profile Video

This lovely family is searching for a little girl to adopt! They are awesome! They have such great family mottos and such a fun outlook on life. (And some ADORABLE little boys!) I loved working with them! 


After I made their video I stalked their website just to learn more and I loved what they wrote to the mother of their future child so I wanted to share it!

We promise to give your baby everything she needs in life to be happy. We are open to an ‘open’ adoption and we want her to know how much you loved her and continue to love her. There is plenty of room in our hearts for both of  you. You are, in a sense, our angel! Your selfless desire to give her a life, full of devotion, time, support and love- is something we admire so much about you. We cannot imagine the array of emotions you must face on a daily…hourly…possibly even minute to minute basis.  We try to imagine sometimes what you might look like, what your interests are and if you’re alright. We are mindful of you and the difficulty pregnancy can be. Amy especially feels for you. She has physically felt those tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) kicks and she remembers very well being pregnant. It is not easy! Our hope remains still, that you are okay. That you are feeling comfort and have the knowledge that adoption is not the end of being able to see your child grow up.
Your little one will be so incredibly loved within the walls of our home. She is wanted, she has been prayed for and she will be a blessing in so many lives. We promise to be the BEST parents we can be for her. There will not be a day that passes,  that she will not feel safe, loved or happy.”

To learn more about the Rasmussen’s check out their adoption website!



1 thought on “The Rasmussen Family – Adoption Profile Video”

  1. This is so touching!
    They seem very loving and considerate. I hope they find a little girl to enjoy all the love they want to share with her. 🙂

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