Phillip Turns Two – Birthday Video

Happy Birthday to Phillip!! Phillip is the son of the fabulous Tamey of Tea Marie Photography who we featured here a little while ago, and who did our blog design and photos. She is super creative and very crafty which is why I was super excited to get to video her son’s birthday party!! Enjoy, but you’re in for a shock at the end though because Phillip’s parents took the idea of a “cake smash” literally and thoroughly enjoyed smashing one into Phillip’s face!





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2 thoughts on “Phillip Turns Two – Birthday Video”

  1. I enjoyed all the pictures and that cake is amazing. I love the blog design, Tamey did a beautiful job. You ladies are doing amazing with your blog it looks great and I am loving all the crafts and etc. I wanted to subscribe to it but didn't see a place for that. Anyways have a fabulous weekend! Kim @ This Ole Mom

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