Fun Spring Sign

spring sign
 I love, love spring! It one of my favorite seasons of the year. I’m always looking new ways to decorate and I have seen a lot of people using blank canvases, so I wanted to give it a try! I bought this canvas at Hobby Lobby for under $18 but they have different sizes, so you can go bigger or even smaller!
spring sign5
 I used craft paint and a circle stencil. The only thing I don’t like about stencils is that when you use it more than once for a project, you need to be careful not to have excess paint that might get on your blank spot.
 spring sign4
 I use a sponge brush and I blot the paint up and down. It helps not to get under the edges of the stencil, and make sure to tape the stencil down, it helps to secure the stencil.
 spring sign3
 Let your dots dry before you continue on!
spring sign2   
I found a free stencil on Pinterest. I feel really bad because I don’t remember the site I got it from and I had already edited the pictures, so please, if this is your masterpiece let me know because I want to give you a shout out!
Cut them out with a razor blade. Trust me, it’s much easier than using scissors! Tape the letter to the canvas and dab the paint. Let dry. Embellish the sign with your favorite things of spring!
spring sign6
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