Why Man Wedding Registries Are Awesome!


I remember opening a set of tools when my husband and I were opening our wedding presents and thinking “what in the world?” This isn’t that uncommon though anymore! Men-influenced wedding registries are a fast growing trend, and why shouldn’t they be? It’s their wedding too! Plus ladies, I’ve come to realize that power tools are a great thing for a marriage. I can get him to do almost anything as long as he gets to use a power tool!

Instead of making registering for gifts you’re first messy disagreement, try an online registry that allows you to both make choices. Myregistry.com is great because it allows you to register from anywhere so you’re not limited to choosing a place to register that only has your fine dining but not his weed wacker. With Myregistry.com you are able to add anything from anywhere and are not limited to one store! You can also Sync your existing store registries, like Best Buy, onto your MyRegistry account and even add a Cash Gift Fund that your guests are able to contribute towards. It’s awesome because it’s easy for you and your guests! They don’t have to be limited to one store to buy you something from your registry, and they can even just order online. 

I love this idea because the whole reason behind wedding gifts is so that others can help you start your new life together. If you register for things together than you’ll more likely start off on the right foot. You’ll learn about each others needs and hobby’s. I had no clue my husband would care so much about the design of our house until we went shopping together. It turns out, he was actually way better at it than me, so I let him take the reigns. 

They say it’s the year of the groom and why not? Women get a lot of the attention and credit on their wedding day, so I totally think it’s a good idea to let him share in the fun of the registry!

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