Best Buy Wedding Registry! Best Idea Ever!

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It’s been over a year since Matt and I were married! This month we have been to three weddings, love is in the air people and I am super excited to announce Best Buy’s new Wedding Registry! If they had had this when we got married I know that this is where we would have registered. There are so many options at Best Buy!

Whether you are young and never moved out, or older and been living on your own for years, Best Buy is the clear option for your wedding registry. When you first get married there are things you need that you don’t necessarily think of or don’t have money for, Best Buy has it all! Not to mention, sometimes it’s fun to get things that you necessarily down’t need, but things that you want!


First thing you will need on your new adventure is a camera! Matt and I are absolutely terrible at taking pictures, we always talk about how we need to do better. I keep telling him that we need a camera to take pictures of our honeymoon and life together! Not only do they have cameras but other things you will need for your home such as televisions, television stands, sound systems, DVDs, vacuums, gaming systems, computers, printers, appliances, and the gift of every girls dreams, the kitchen aide.


As, we walked up and down the aisles at Best Buy looking at all of the things we could use or bought on our own after we were married. Matthew researches everything we buy, like to the extreme, I try to not make fun of him. However, it does come in handy because he always buys the best! Everything we bought, we found it all at Best Buy, in one spot! 

Other things to consider, Best Buy offers Group gifting. If your wants are too expensive for one to spend on their own they can spend what they want and others can buy the rest. It’s really cool! There is also no minimum purchase to get free shipping! 

If you need more ideas you can check out their webpage at If you’re not getting married, but you know someone that is, they have all the gift ideas you could ever want on their page!

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