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There may be a foot of snow outside and the temperatures are far from the freezing mark, but it is almost time to get your seeds ready to sprout!  We live in a condo and unfortunately, have never been able to have a “real” garden.  So for us, we love container gardening.  It’s great for people like us with small spaces.  Although, even if you are not in a small space, container gardening is beautiful way to add color and purpose to pots around your house.  One of our favorite things about container gardening, is that we are able to reuse the same pots over and over again through the years. The first step, is to find out when your state experiences its’ last frost.  You can find that here.  From that date, backtrack 6-8 weeks.  That is when you want to start planting your seeds!
  container gardening

What do you need?

Head to your local hardware or craft store and pick out some fun containers.  Or get creative and reuse items from around the house.  The only caveat is that it must have a drain hole on the bottom. Next pick out some nutrient rich soil.  We pick up organic potting soil and then add our own nutrients to it throughout the season.  We use coffee grinds or egg shells.

What will you plant?

For flowers, you have two options – perennials and annuals.  Perennials will come back year after year, while your annuals will die off at the end of the season.  Then there are herbs. Herbs are our favorite to grow!  Every spring, we plant basil, cilantro, mint, among others.

How does your garden grow?

Obviously, it is still too cold out for anything to grow, even in late March, early April.  We keep the containers along side our window and cover the containers with saran wrap to act like a green house.  Once the air has gotten warmer, we bring them out into the direct sunlight and bring them in at night for as long as need to.  Remember to keep everything well watered.  We like to use a spray bottle to mist them, simulating rain. container gardening
Check out these great ideas to help you find inspiration for your container gardening projects this season!

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