Can’t We All Just Get Along? My Plea to Mommy Bloggers Everywhere!

My-Plea-To-Mommy-Bloggers In case you haven’t noticed, or you live in a bubble, there is always some debate going on that was started by a mommy blogger! The most recent debates that caught my eye were the “Stop wearing yoga pants/leggings” vs. “I’m going to wear whatever the HECK I want”; “I’m not giving my Kids Christmas Presents” vs. “They’re Only Kids Once”; “Vaccinate vs. Don’t Vaccinate”, and the list goes on and on! I’m sure you’re thinking of a specific blog post right now that really got your undies in a twist! Am I right?! It’s pretty entertaining to follow, if you ask me. Both sides are always so fired up, and no one is going to convince the other side that their way is the best way, so it makes for some pretty passionate and hilarious posts. Then you have the other side of the camp… the people who don’t give a flying hoot, and they’re sick of hearing debates from the two sides. Which makes me think, “Why in the world are we trying to tell other people what to do?” I’m all about causes, but I’m pretty sure the world isn’t going to Hell in hand basket if I do or do not wear yoga pants when I drop my kids off at school. And, whether you vaccinate or not, I’m sure you did or didn’t do so with a lot of thought and research about what was best for your child. I mean, let’s be honest, that’s what this life is all about, choices! Freedom of choice is why most people come to America for crying out loud! So can we all just agree to disagree please? And let’s all stop trying to convince our FB friends that they’re freaks for wearing yoga pants. Wear or do not wear them, the choice is yours. I don’t really care, and I feel like we all have a lot of other, more important, things to worry about. Yes, this is a mommy blog, and I love my mommy blog friends! I support you! Just please, don’t try to guilt me into something. Let’s not tell each other what to do. Let’s offer support and tips without alienating our readers that choose differently than we do! Unless you’re an expert with peer-reviewed, scientific research you’re probably not going to convince me that everyone in the world is going to die of Ebola, so don’t pretend to know it all. No one likes a know it all, mmmkay! Good chat! But then again, I don’t want to tell you what to do so, CARRY ON mommy blogger! I hope the next topic of discussion is equally as entertaining as the last!  Jessica 🙂

8 thoughts on “Can’t We All Just Get Along? My Plea to Mommy Bloggers Everywhere!”

  1. I get so tired of other people constantly acting like they have all the answers, and telling me what to do or not to do! I also have very strong opinions, but I try not to go around doling out unwanted "advice"! So I agree, live and let live (in most cases)! My favorite thing to say is "we're all just doing the best we can." So here's to all of our best!

  2. AMEN Jess! I mean I am all for a good controversy post, maybe once a year lol, but the topics that have been debated are not anything of nature that warrants full blown angry fights! I will wear my comfy yoga pants and give my daughter as many gifts as I can for Christmas, but debating it is just silly.Everyone is entitled to their opinions and how they want to raise their children. I think there are much more important things to debate in life than yoga pants and presents lol. I do get a kick out of reading the rant fueled angry comments though. Until I realize that I have dishes that could be washed or laundry to fold haha. Thanks for sharing this, you made me giggle lol

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