Welcome To The Crazy Train Surviving Pregnancy

Welcome To The Crazy Train Surviving Pregnancy
Welcome To The Crazy Train Surviving Pregnancy

Welcome To The Crazy Train Surviving Pregnancy


As I write this, I’m eating a plain piece of toast and drinking a little bit
of Ginger Ale in hopes that I might make it through this post without losing my
breakfast, literally. You see, I’m PREGNANT! YAY! And with that comes all the
joys that pregnancy brings; morning sickness, exhaustion, and emotional roller
coaster rides.

I’m about 10 weeks pregnant with our 4th child! You read that right, I’m
crazy enough to bring 4 little people into the world! I have an 8-year-old boy,
5-year-old girl, and my baby is already 3! How did this happen?! I can’t believe
I’m old enough to have this many people depending on me for  food and shelter.
It’s just crazy.

I know you probably think I’m crazy for announcing my pregnancy this early,
but that’s just how I roll. I like to get it out and into the open early on. I
hate keeping secrets. And, even though this is just my 4th baby, this is
actually my 7th pregnancy. I’ve had 3 miscarriages in the past. 2 before my
oldest was born, and 1 after he was born. I decided early on, that I’d rather
let the people I love know what’s going on in my life, even if it ends in
heartache, because I’m just a very open person. I’ll tell you my life story if
you ask… I have a hard time holding things back.

So, since I’ve had previous miscarriages, my doctor suggested that I take
Progesterone to help support my early pregnancy. I took progesterone when I was
pregnant with both of my daughters, and I believe it might be the reason why I
haven’t had another miscarriage. So I’m thankful for the pill, but it also makes
me hate my life. The side effects are dizziness, nausea, bloating, and
exhaustion, to name a few, and I’m feeling it. Oh MAN, my family is feeling it

Last night Mike (my hubby) was laughing at me, because I could not keep my
eyes open all day. I have to take the pill twice a day, so I’m pretty much a
zombie at all times. And, even though I’m usually  a night owl, I pass out
within a half hour of taking it. So it’s really unlike me.

Let’s talk about the emotions for a minute. I cry at least 3 times a day.
Usually during a sappy commercial or a heartwarming story on the news. But
recently I was crying because my food didn’t taste good…yep, pathetic. So yeah,

My poor family. My poor husband. Poor me! Except for the fact that this
craziness is going to end with the sweetest little gift anyone could ever get! I
absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to hold this sweet little baby on my chest for the first
time, and smell his/her sweet little head. I can’t wait for that tiny little
hand to grasp my finger tight. I can’t wait for my older children to see their
new sibling for the first time, and they can’t wait either! It’s such an
exciting time for our family.

Every day my little Sophie wants to sit on my lap, but worries she will hurt
the baby. It’s the sweetest thing ever, and of course she wants to see it, so
she tries getting really close to my tummy to see if she can.

My middle child, Gracie, squeals with excitement every time she thinks about
the new baby. She just CAN’T wait to see what the baby will look like. She’ll
probably want to dress it up and ‘fashion’ the baby, as she likes to say. She’s
our little Fashionista after all.

My oldest is really hoping it’s a boy, so he’s not outnumbered anymore, and
he’s been praying for a brother for a long time now. It’s sweet because his
sisters know how much he wants a brother, so they pray too that “Max will get a
baby brother.” Of course, I know they’ll be excited, even if it’s another girl.

WE ARE PUMPED! This is probably the final addition to our family, so I’m just
trying to appreciate and savor every moment. I’m grateful that I’m sick, because
it reminds me that my body is doing something so MIRACULOUS right now. I’m
grateful for the emotional roller coasters, because they make my hubby giggle,
and I’m grateful for the exhaustion, because it forces me to slow down and
appreciate snuggling the most important people in my life!

Man, I’m so excited! And now I can blog about pregnancy and all the joys that
come with it, and you’ll understand why. So, welcome to the crazy train! We’ve
got a long road ahead of us!

I think Jim Gaffigan has a way of describing it the best!



6 thoughts on “Welcome To The Crazy Train Surviving Pregnancy”

  1. Congratulations, Jessica! So happy for you and your family!!!! This will be a different experience, because your children are older this time, and can help more, and also understand why Mommy isn't feeling great. Hang in there! I am close by if you need anything : )

  2. Congratulations! My sympathies for the morning sickness, etc., but congratulations for the coming miracle. Best of luck. I hope you have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby in about 30 weeks. 🙂

  3. Congratulations Jessica! I can relate to this post, I was also a train wreck when I was pregnant. I didn't cope well at all. My poor family! Haha! Thanks for linking this up at the Toddler Tuesday Link Up Party. This post will be featured this week at the new look Tots and Toddlers Thursday Link Up Party – I hope you can make it!

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