White Elephant Gift Ideas!

Happy Christmas Eve EVERYBODY!! I love going to white elephant parties, but I am always searching for new funny ideas. When I go to my work party or my Baadsgaard family party we always learn new funny ideas. I’m just glad I have some funny friends and family. Anyways here are some that I found particularly funny! ENJOY!
1. The Dead Bug Collection – My uncle bought some cabinets from USU and found a dead bug collection. Really random and super funny.
2. Belly Button Lint Collection & Collector – They gave her a box full of lint, like from the dryer and some tweezers as the collectors.
3. Live Animals – One year my friend Amber gave a live lobster and my cousin Sharidan gave a live mouse. I have never seen anything funnier, EVER!
4.  REIN-Beer – 6 glass bottles decorated like Reindeer and then make a label to cover up root beer and make it say Rein beer.
5. Shave Me Barbie –  This I got from my friend Kate! What you do is get a barbie with long hair then cut the bottom of the hair and hot glue the hair to the legs and arm pits of the doll. Insert a razor and make a tag for the box that says Shave Me!
6. “Briefcase” – Buy large Brief underwear sew up the leg holes and sew on handles.
7. Awkward Family Photo Album – Need I say more!
8. Super-sized TV remote
9. Anti Monkey Butt Powder – You can get this on the website duluthtrading.com! They have a bunch of funny ideas!
10. Emergency underwear for men – It attaches to the key chain!
11. Crib Dribbler – It’s like a large gerbil dribbler for the cage but now for the baby. I got this at Walmart, they sell prank boxes that you can purchase!
12. Marshmallow Mini Bow
13. Crack Spackle – You can get this on the website duluthtrading.com! They have a bunch of funny ideas!


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