Delicious Sausage and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Sausage and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


Sausage and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms! Mushrooms stuffed with heaps of cheese and sausage are baked until golden and bubbly.




When I married my husband, Mike (also my dad’s name), I quickly came to realize he was a food lover, and so is most of his family! It’s a blessing and a curse…the struggle is real people.

We always have delicious food at every family event, and these stuffed mushrooms are no exception. In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t posted about these yet. It’s a crime against food! I’m sorry, please forgive me for not telling you about these earlier! Okay, so Mike’s mom would always make these, and now Mike and I make them all the time.

Sometimes we make them for dinner as our main entrée, and since our kids love sausage, they don’t complain! Now that the holidays are coming around, I think these would be perfect for Christmas parties, or a New Years Eve party! Your guest will love them, and so will you, because there are only 4 ingredients in these bad boys!

Sausage and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms (Printable Recipe)

1 pound of sausage (just use your favorite, I like the hot and spicy kind, but my kids like mild)

1 package of cream cheese

2 cartons of mushrooms (stem removed)

1 t. seasoned salt

Sausage and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms



Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Break up sausage and fry it until golden brown. Mix with cream cheese and salt. Stuff into clean mushroom.

Bake for 20 minutes, or until the mushroom is soft and delicious! Garnish with a little parsley to jazz it up! Totally easy, right? I knew you’d love these! 

1 thought on “Delicious Sausage and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms”

  1. Yum! These sound amazing! My sister is having a big bash, I'll definitely pass this recipe on to her. (Maybe I'll just make a few for my own consumption, LOL!)
    Wishing you a happy and blessed holiday season!

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