Five Tips for the Winter Bride to Survive Her Freezing Photoshoots

Five Tips for the Winter Bride to Survive Her Freezing Photoshoots




Because I work the wedding scene as a videographer and have quite a few winter weddings coming up, and because I got married in the winter during a blizzard that canceled school, I have a few tips for all you winter brides out there. Even if there isn’t any snow, it is going to be freeeeeeeeeezing while you are taking your photos/video so be prepared!!


1. Wear Boots! Forget the heals. You can wear those at the reception. Your feet will be the first thing to get cold, especially if it’s snowy, so keep them dry with boots.



2. Use long, thick socks. Not only do you want your feet to be dry, but you also want them to be warm so be sure to get some good socks!



3. Invest in or borrow a cape. Trust me, it is worth every penny! You don’t need to wear it in every picture, but it is nice to have it on hand when you start to get chilly. I borrowed one for my wedding and it saved my life!!


4. Put hand warmers in your Hubby’s Pockets. You may not have pockets on your dress, but your new husband will have them in his suit and will be more than happy to hold them for you! Slip your hands in when you need to thaw them out!



5. Have your Maid of Honor bring you Hot Cocoa midway through. Not only will this make an adorable photo, but it will revive you! Also, make sure she brings some for the photographer and videographer too 😉


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