DIY Ornament Ideas

diy ornament ideas

momma lew diy ornament ideas Prior to having children, I enjoyed sparkling, glass ornaments on my Christmas tree. I quickly learned the first Christmas my son was mobile, that those beautiful ornaments were a thing of the past. While I still love to decorate for the holidays, my tree is now adorned with many non-breakable, plush and homemade/DIY Ornaments. My children are often rearranging our tree and don’t seem to understand these are keepsakes, not toys, so I try to keep the tree as much about them as I can. Each ornament on our tree now is extra special. It was picked out by one of my children or handmade by myself or them. Creating D.I.Y/ornaments is not as hard as it seems. Look around your house, your craft closet, the kitchen or even the recycling bin! These are great re-purposing projects and will cost less than any store-bought ornament. Save scraps of fabric, felt, ribbons, pompoms, old Christmas cards, puzzle or game pieces that have been disregarded. Use scraps from your Christmas tree, berries, holly, jasper or bayberry to create a natural look. Turn this into a memory making experience to have with your children, family or friends. Make some hot cocoa, set out a plate of Christmas cookies and get to work. These are keepsakes that your family will hold onto forever and always the time spent making it with you. Keep them for your own tree or give them to your loved ones as gifts. diy ornament ideas Make-easy-cookie-cutter-ornaments-for-less-than-1 cinnamon-ornament-final_web Cinnamon Ornaments 1 052-edit-6 2013-12-17_0012 button wreath ornament-003 DSC04962 pen-and-ink-wood-slice-ornaments-feature2-Jen-Goode Christmas-Tree-Planting-Ornament-close bird-seed-ornaments SONY DSC DIY-Snow-Globe-Ornament-7 How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Do you have a favorite ornament that you created yourself? Thanks so much Lou Lou Girls for having Momma Lew! I’d love for you all to come visit me on Facebook or Twitter!

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  1. Loved your ideas! I love the idea of making your own ornaments for the tree:) There was even one year when me and my family made every ornament for our tree. The theme was cupcakes and sweet things and we used felt and hand sewed everything. And we made cupcakes using painted foam balls, wrapped in felt (as the wrapper of the cupcake) with a cherry on top (the ornament hung from the "leaf" on the cherry). It is still one of the most special christmas trees that I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing your homemade ornament ideas:)

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