7 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Be Healthy

7 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Be Healthy

7 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Be Healthy


Ben and I are trying to get an early head start on our new years resolution to get into shape and stay healthy. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to try and do something big, so instead we’re trying to make small lifestyle changes so that it’s easier to stick to. Here are a few of the things that we’ve been doing.

7 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Be Healthy

1. Music and movement in the morning: When you wake up, turn on some pumping music and get yourself moving whether it’s jogging in place, stretching, or pushups. Keep it simple so that you can do it every morning to jump start your day.


2. Replace your go-to meals with a green smoothie: We are often in a hurry and one of our easy go-to dinners was frozen pizza. Now instead of throwing in a pizza, we throw a bunch of fruit and veggie’s in the blender. It’s even quicker, and much more nutritious


3. Say no to soda: You may not be able to say no to every treat that comes your way, but a good place to start is with soda. One 8 oz can of soda has more sugar that is even recommended for your entire daily intake, and most people drink a lot more than just 8 oz. That sugar is immediately turned into fat because it has nothing to break it down.


4. Mini strength training: If you have a hard time scheduling a large chunk of time to work out, try doing mini strength training sessions at predictable times of the day. For example, pushups, situps, and jumping jacks after lunch, and squats, and leg lifts after dinner.


5. Walk instead of ride whenever possible: Burn calories, not gas! If you are going less than a mile, walk. I plan on putting Cooper in his stroller as much as possible, even if it’s a little chilly because he looks so dang cute all bundled up!


6. Pack a lunch: You are far more likely to eat better if you bring something healthy from home than if you go out for lunch every day. Plus it’ll save you loads of money!!


7. Set out the veggies: If you’re anything like me, you get the munchies right before dinner. Set out some easy to eat veggies, like carrots or cherry tomatoes, and snack on those instead of chips or sweets.


7 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Be Healthy

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