Nativity 12 Days of Christmas

Nativity 12 Days of Christmas

Nativity 12 Days of Christmas


When I was little one of my most favorite Christmas traditions we did was the 12 days of Christmas! The excitement of running up to the door and trying to not get caught, bringing joy to someone else and getting into the Christmas spirit, nothing beats it as a kid!

I can not even describe how much I loved this tradition when I was a kid, I get giddy just thinking about it right now. My dad would always write these awesome poems to go with the treats we would drop off! It hard to figure it out how to do it when you don’t have a bunch of time!

When I was living with my roommates in Provo, my best pal Amber had just had hip surgery but she was determined to do the 12 days of Christmas Hall style! Amber was on crutches and yet she was determined to do it. So each day she would convince someone to run up to the door for her. I asked her nicely if she would allow me to share her poem with you guys, so here it is! Thanks Amber!!

Each day has a poem below and you give the family one piece of the Nativity each day with a treat and on the final day you give them the Baby Jesus and a larger family gift.

Nativity 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, in need of a place to stay
The only room available was one of straw and hay
And as this Christmas season brings surprises old and new
We hope that these twelve days bring all its joys to you
On the second day of Christmas, the donkey rests its head
It is weary from the journey to find itself a bed
As it comes to find the stable, and also find your door
We hope to bring you joy for 10 Christmas days more
On the third day of Christmas, a little lamb comes in
He represents the little babe who will save the world from
His pure white fleece, unstained from life, that will save
us from all fear
If we will trust in that small child that is shortly to
On the fourth day of Christmas, another lamb seeks your home
For he knows the Son of God is very soon to come
In innocence and perfect faith he seeks the baby dear
And knows the time that he will come is very, very near
On the fifth day of Christmas, an ox knocks at your door
He’s following the animals that have come to you before
Because he knows that to your home, the Christ child soon
will come
To find a special place to rest in the safety of your home
On the sixth day of Christmas, the shepherd makes his way
And in the light of things to come, he bows his head to pray
He comes to praise the little babe and worship God above
For he knows that the small child is the Lord’s gift of love
On the seventh day of Christmas, the first Wiseman finds
In the solace of the stable where all, thru Christ, are
He brings the gift of great respect, and of frankincense,
And hopes its pleasing scents will give holiday cheer to you
On the eighth day of Christmas, the second Wiseman did
Hoping that, within your home, the Christmas spirit is alive
He adds the gift of gold to those that have already been
Although the greatest riches are in Christ and what He
On the ninth day of Christmas, appears the third Wiseman
Bringing with him myrrh, and knowledge of God’s plan
To send a tiny baby that will someday save us all
From the sins of a corrupted world and also from the fall
On the tenth day of Christmas, Joseph meekly stands
Hoping his wife and child are safe within your hands
He knows the holiness of what must soon transpire here
And that the baby, pure and sweet, will dissipate all our
On the eleventh day of Christmas, a humble Mary sees
That in your house, the Son can come, and thus the Lord is
She, with quiet, humble face, observes that soon, she’ll say
The Savior of the world has come to bless this Christmas day
On the twelfth day of Christmas, the tiny child is born
And everyone that’s gathered here, with praises, him adorn
He’s come to do a marvelous work, but also come to say


Nativity 12 Days of Christmas

May all within your happy home find joy within this Day
Get started now! Happy Door Bell Ditching!!

2 thoughts on “Nativity 12 Days of Christmas”

  1. I love it! I'm totally pinning this. We are doing a "secret sister" in relief society but I got assigned the elders quorum president. I may have to do some version of this for him.

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