Meet the Lou Lou Guys

Mike Lewis is Kim’s husband, also known as father Michael and “the old man” by his kids. He works for EMC although he is pretty much an undiscovered master chef and helps with a lot of the food for the blog.

Mike Ulrich is Jessica’s husband. He’s a financial planner, but behind the Lou Lou scenes he’s also a decorative genius and helps Jessica with her cakes.

Matt Reese is Cassie’s husband and the newest in-law to the family. He is studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah, but in between midterms and studying he bakes some pretty dang good bread for the blog!

Ben Lewis is Amber’s husband. He is the baby boy of the family and according to him, he is the only reason any of them have a personality. Ben is the Director of Marketing at Rustica Hardware and is responsible for pretty much any recipe Amber posts because he loves to get creative with his food.

Zac Lewis is Mike and Kim’s oldest son and although he’s not married to a Lou Lou Girl (yet… he’s engaged!!) he definitely gets his fare share of the blog! He is the one responsible for most of the exotic foods we post. Zac is a Lawyer and just ran for Utah State Legislature.

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