DIY Decoration!

What to get the woman who has everything? October we have a billion birthdays and every year it’s hard to get something thoughtful that took effort. This year I got this grand idea to get old window panes. I went online and if you look on a lot of websites they are quite expensive. Go on ksl and you will find some great options in varying price ranges. I eventually found this beauty from my good friend Carley! Thanks again Carley!! Then I went to Vinyl for decor and got this cute quote that fit perfectly on the window and obviously had to get the dandelions to jazz it up a bit. Then I cleaned the glass and had Matt center my quote perfectly (when you marry a painter you have no option other than be perfect or they judge you). After putting on all of the vinyl, it didn’t feel finished, so Lisa and I went and got this burlap ribbon from Walmart for three dollars. I hot glued it on! Then, I went to CAL Ranch bought picture frame hardware to support the weight of this bad boy! We used a strap hanger! There you have it folks, it may have taken a little effort but it’s definitely one of a kind!!


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  1. Hi Lovely Ladies!!! Thanks for sharing this at Project Inspire{d}… we featured you this week. I wanted to give you a shout out on Twitter too but can't figure out your Twitter handle… am I missing it? Thanks!

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