We Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

Hello party people!! It’s my week to contribute to the blog, in case you’re wondering, I’m Cassie and the second oldest Lewis child. Momma Kim is my cute mom, Jessica is my much older sister and Amber is the coolest sister in-law (so far)! I am not one to talk about myself too much but here is a little about me!

I feel so lucky to be born into the coolest family ever!! We love to have a good time! Growing up with my siblings was always an adventure! I loved to be Jessica’s slave because she was my hero! She was so cool, so was so involved, gorgeous and I absolutely loved to hear her sing! Zac, my brother just younger than me was always my PIC (partner in crime). Apparently, I was a mischievous child, I don’t believe it though! Ben, the party favor, was always getting beat up by Zac because he would run his mouth. He would laugh as he was getting beat up! I would take my cute little brother Ben to sleep overs, he was the best party favor, he always had something hilarious to say! Andie is literally the sassiest person I know and one of my best friends, Matt and I love to take her on drives and hear about all of her high school drama! Lisa is the girl version of Ben, she always has something witty to say! She is athletic as all get out, I love to watch her play sports! I would not trade one of my siblings for anything!!

After high school, I went to Snow College where I played Softball and Soccer! Snow College was a blast and I met some of my most favorite people there! Then I completed my degree at UVU, I went into Physical Education Secondary Education! While I was at UVU I had the privilege to coach at my old high school as an assistant coach! I loved coaching and learning from one of the best coaches I have ever met! He would always say to win took some skill and a lot of luck! But he also taught me that good luck comes from hard work. I think that’s why this quote by Thomas Jefferson is my favorite, “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” I landed my dream job after graduating from UVU, I teach at a high school in Spanish Fork and coach softball! I love love love my job! 



While working at Maple Mountain, I met one of my best friends Amber Hall, who was my roommate for 3 years. We had some really great times in the Nest and then she set me up with my cute husband Mr. Reese! 

We got set up on a blind date! Funny thing is when he walked through the door I was like I know this kid! When I was in middle school I was friends with Matt’s older sister, and I worked at ShopKo with him too! However, I don’t remember him being so handsome! We fell in love, got married and now almost a year later we are in love as ever! That’s why there are all the wedding pictures! Matt is a perfectionist, painter, hard worker and the smartest man I know! He is in school at the University of Utah to become a chemical engineer! We go together like chocolate and peanut butter, perfectly since we are the Reeses! There’s my story!

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