We Are Family Got All My Daughters With Me

We Are Family Got All My Daughters With Me


We Are Family Got All My Daughters With Me


If you have visited our blog in the past few weeks, you probably noticed that we have been introducing ourselves to you. Since we take a week, each month to share individually, it can get kind of confusing who is who in this crazy blog! I know, you are probably getting tired of seeing this picture of us! Never fear, we are getting a new one this weekend. Woo Hoo!

kimmie 2

We Are Family Got All My Daughters With Me

Without further adieu, let me introduce everyone to you, in the order that they made their first appearance into the family. I’m Kimberly, the mom of this crazy bunch. My husband, Mike and I meet at Glade’s while I was working there. I had just graduated from high school and everyone kept telling me that I should go on a date with him, but I had never met Mike before.

My boss, was his relation and when Mike’s mom would come to Glade’s, she would tell me to take things out to his mom’s car, so she could see what a good girl.
In the meantime, this cute boy with dimples kept coming when I was working and I wanted to go out with him. Little did I know that this was the “Mike” everyone wanted me to date.

One night, he came up to the window to order and when I asked him what he wanted, he said “a date with you”. I promptly told him that we didn’t serve those here. He walked away embarrassed and then came back and told me that he was serious.

A year after I had graduated from high school I married my sweetheart. Exactly a year later, miss Jessica made her appearance into our family.


Jessica was the perfect baby! She was happy all the time, but when Cassie was born, she asked me if I could give her back! Jessica was involved in cheer leading and the performing arts all through high school and college. She was Miss Iron County when she met her hubby Mikie. You can read about her cute family by clicking on Jessica.


This is Jessica’s adorable sweeties! I love them to pieces!


We Are Family Got All My Daughters With Me

Cassie is the second oldest of the family. She was NOT a happy baby. She cried non stop for 2 years, I’m not even being dramatic! She made up for it after that and she was so happy and not high maintenance at all that sometimes we wondered if we had given her enough attention through the day.

Cassie was involved in sports in high school and college and now she is the head softball coach at Maple Mountain High School. She also teaches PE and anatomy teacher at the school. She married her hubby, Matt, last November.



Zachary, is my first born son. He has always loved to read and when he was in second grade he wanted to check out books about Lincoln instead of the Goosebumps. Zac played football and wrestled in high school.

He has been on amazing adventures because of the opportunities he has found through college. Zac has his bachelors degree in Anthropology and he just graduated from law school, and now he is working at a law firm. He is always helping me find new and different things to share on the blog.



Benjamin is my baby boy! He married cute Amber, right after his LDS mission. We tease that Ben lives a charmed life because everything has always come so easy to him. When Ben was in elementary school, he always was able to get the girls to do his work and even the teachers would make it easier for him because he was so cute.

Ben was involved in student council all through high school. He is working at Rustica Hardware and just finishing up his degree.  To read a little more about Amber and Ben click on Benjamber!


This is Cooper, Amber and Ben’s son! He will be a year old in December on their anniversary! I love him to pieces, too!


Andie is my beautiful 15 year old! She is sassy but has a tender heart. Miss Andie is involved in softball, drill team and most importantly she is on the high honor roll!



Lisa is my baby girl and she will be 12 years old in December! Everybody loves her and she does well in school. Miss Lisa is a diva and fashionista!

This is our crazy family! I love everyone of them so much. We love being together and we love to try new things. Thanks for being a part of our new adventures.


We Are Family Got All My Daughters With Me

21 thoughts on “We Are Family Got All My Daughters With Me”

  1. It's great to get to know you all better. Kimberly, you don't look old enough to have married children and grandchildren!
    Thanks for sharing your post with us at Wake Up Wednesday!

  2. Kimberly, I seriously had no idea that you were the mom of this beautiful family, you look like you could be one of the sisters! You have a beautiful family, and I have enjoyed being apart of your weekly party and using the recipes that you so lovingly share on your blog, like those amazing mouthwatering pretzel rolls! 🙂
    Cathy @ three kids and a fish

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