Hutch Makeover, From Trash to Treasure!

Hutch-Makeover-From-Trash-To-Treasure-DIY We recently moved to a new home. You can see it here. It has been so much fun having more space! With all the new space we’ve acquired, I realized that our house looked quite empty. I decided that I needed a few pieces of furniture, but I didn’t have a ton of cash. I started searching at my local D.I. and I found this treasure for $80. It looked just like this when I found it. Someone had tried to paint it and failed. Sad day for them… Hutch-Makeover-DIY (1)Hutch-Makeover-DIY (2) We spray painted it a beautiful yellow, and replaced the old hardware. It was just what I needed to brighten up the entry way. Right now it’s decorated with Fall leaves and all of my favorite things. DSC_0354DSC_0356DSC_0357 I filled it full of my favorite things. I know they’re not all ‘trendy’ but where else am I supposed to display this cute little doll my G0reat Grandma Ainge gave me? DSC_0362 Don’t be afraid to do it yourself! The result is almost always better than what you can find at a store and the price is always better! I’m pretty excited about it! Hutchmakeover (3) Jessica Smile

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20 thoughts on “Hutch Makeover, From Trash to Treasure!”

  1. It's so gratifying to turn trash into a cherished treasure and giving it a new life! Thank you for sharing that amazing Hutch Makeover with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I am pinning and sharing!

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