Halloween Neighbor/Hostess Gift Idea

Halloween-Neighbor-Gift (3) We have some of the BEST friends around. Our kids are all the same ages, and it’s always so much fun when we all get together. A few weeks ago our friends went to Disneyland, and we let them borrow our double stroller (a must have at D-land). To thank us, they brought us this cute bowl full of apples, caramel, and sticks. How cute is this?? Halloween-Neighbor-Gift (1) It was so much fun to get! Who doesn’t like caramel apples!? I just wanted to share, just in case you’re trying to think of a fun way to say thanks to someone you love! It would also be great for neighbor gifts at Halloween, instead of Christmas. Just sayin’! Halloween-Neighbor-Gift (2) Jessica Smile

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