Here’s the Dirt…Literally

Hi, Jessica here! Since there are 4 of us contributing to this blog, I’m sure it gets a little confusing keeping track of who is who. I have recently gotten a few e-mails from readers wondering where I fit into Lou Lou Girls, since I’m an Ulrich. So, I thought today I’d take a little time to give everyone an update on my little family. I am the oldest of the 6 Lewis kids, hence the name Lou Lou Girls. There are 4 girls and 2 boys in our family. Kim is my mom, Cassie is my little sister, and Amber is my youngest Brother Ben’s wife. Everyone in our family lives in Utah County, except for me. We live in Cedar City, UT (about 3 hours South). And we recently just moved in to a new house! We are pretty pumped about it, since we spent the last 8 years of our marriage in a tiny town home (also here in Cedar). We bought the townhome while I was pregnant with my oldest son, Max. We were still in college and we thought it would be a good purchase, something we could gain some equity with…WRONG! Like so many other home buyers, our townhome’s value tanked and we were stuck there until we could qualify for two mortgages. We loved that tiny little house though, and all of our friends, but our family has a grown a lot since we bought it, and we were tightly packed. We are now renting the town home to the most adorable newly-married couple. In July, we got to move into this…my dream home! *Cue the angels singing! LAAAA! DSC_0868 - Copy Ulrich-Family-Home (2) I fell in love with the lot we purchased because of the views. These pictures don’t even do it justice, the red rocks are just gorgeous!DSC_0881 We are surrounded by rolling hills, Cedar trees, and very few neighbors right now. There is a development that is just getting under way across the street, so I thought I’d document the empty fields for posterity. ;0 DSC_0878DSC_0880 This is the view off of the back patio. DSC_0882 We moved in right before Max was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I literally had 1 week to get everything unpacked before all of our guests arrived to share in Max’s special day, but it was fun to have everyone there and finally have enough room for everyone! DSC_0392 Right after we moved in Max made some new friends in our neighborhood and it seems like we were just meant to be here! Max started 3rd grade this year, and is currently enjoying his first time playing football. DSC_0801 Gracie just started Kindergarten, and she loves her swimming lessons DSC_0912 Sophie is our youngest, and she just started a play group once a week to help with her speech. She also takes dance! it’s weird to only have one child at home for most of the week, but we’re really having fun together. DSC_1000 My husband, Mike, is a financial planner and mainly focuses on retirement planning. He travels all over Utah and Nevada to meet with his clients. He bought a Pruis to save money on gas, when Sophie was about 6 months; 2 and a half years later and the car has over 120,000 miles on it! Needless to say, he’s a hard working fool! He’s also a little crazy, which is one of the many reasons I love him!DSC_0401 I am a stay-at-home mom, and I love every minute of it. In my spare time, I love cooking for my family. I also love teaching dance, and vocal lessons. I am currently helping out with the middle school choir, just for fun, once a week. I love watching/ driving my kids to all their activities, and judging pageants every once in a while! I’m working on decorating this new house and clearing the weeds and rocks so we can have grass someday! Jessica-ulrich-loulougirls_thumb[2] Well, that’s my little family in a nut shell. I hope you have a better understanding of who we are and how we fit in with Lou Lou Girls! Jessica Smile

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20 thoughts on “Here’s the Dirt…Literally”

  1. I have one in first grade, one in preschool 3 days a week, and my youngest in preschool two days a week. Even with just one in the house at a time in the mornings is weird for me. I am used to lots of chaos! Your house looks beautiful, I love the mix of woods and stone.

  2. Thanks – It's great to know who everyone is now. You have a lovely family, and a beautiful home. And that view…gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday!

  3. Hi Jessica, such a beautiful view for your new home, and a perfect time to share with friends and family!
    I came form your post 5 Things to Consider When Building a Home to see and to thank you for sharing on The Oh My Heartsie Girls WW this week!!

    Happy Mothers Day to you and all moms in your family!!
    Have a great weekend, Karren

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