All Time Top 5 Recipes, Recipe Roundup

Lou-Lou-Girls-Top-5-Recipes I’ve decided that most people don’t come to Lou Lou Girls for healthy snacks! It may seem that we only eat treats and decadent meals, but you have to remember there are 4 of us posting every month, so we each only have 7 meals a month that make the cut, that is if we only post about recipes on our respective weeks. So, today I thought I’d share our Top 5 recipes in one place, so if you feel like having a party this weekend, and want to use all our recipes, you only have to pin once! I’m so nice… #1- All time, MOST popular BY FAR! Click —-> Peanut Butter Cookies #2- Soft Pretzel Bites #3-Café Rio Copycat recipes #4- Cinnamon Roll Pancakes #5- Hot Wing Chicken Casserole There you have it folks! Hope your weekend is fabulous! I’m excited cause my mom (Kim), dad, Cassie, Matt, Andie, and Lisa are all coming to visit. Andie, the fifth child in our family, is coming down for a softball tournament. I’m pretty pumped! Well, I better go clean the house to get ready for all these hooligans! Check back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY!! Jessica Smile

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