Super Cheap Baking Stone

baking stone
The other day, Zac came home and told me he had an experiment he wanted to try for the blog. Like I have mentioned before, Zac has been studying for the bar and has been using cooking as his outlet. He loves to cook bread and pizza and he wanted it to be crispy! He had been using his roommates but decided it was time to get his own. Looking at prices for a decent one, the price range was from $18 to $50.

Instead of paying that price, he stopped by Home Depot and purchased a ceramic tile for 95 cents! That night, we cooked homemade bread, chicken strips and a piece of ham and everything came out so crispy and delicious! We kept expecting it to crack and it hasn’t yet! We figured for 95 cents, if it broke, we wouldn’t be upset. You will see a difference in the crusts of your breads, cookies, and pizzas. Make sure to put the tile in the oven when you start to preheat the oven and leave it in the whole time. Simply slide the food onto the tile.

Later today, I will share with you our homemade pizza that we made using the tile!
cheap baking stone

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