The BEST duster for hardwood floors!

DSC_0475 See that little dusty footprint?? I will be having a LOT of those in my near future! We just moved into a new home, and I’m already kicking myself a little for getting such dark hardwood. Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE the way they look, but it’s been a bit of a challenge keeping them looking shiny and new. Especially because we have an unfinished yard, with LOTS and LOTS of dirt just waiting to sneak in on tiny and big feet. The kids are having a blast in the yard, so I’m letting them help me out with my floors, and they actually enjoy doing it! This duster is called the Casabella Mop, it’s microfiber and the dirt clings to it like a magnet! For reals yo! I had tried everything, my Swiffer didn’t cut it, a broom definitely didn’t do the job, and my steamer was good, but only after most of the dust was lifted. This is great! It literally picks up all the dusty footprints with a single sweep, and since it’s light, my kids love using it too. My two-year-old was begging to help me dust, and she did a great job too! I just love sharing things that work for me! If you have hardwood floors, give this a try. It’s only 15 bucks at Target and it even folds over so you can clean fans. It worked great on my dusty walls too! I also love it because you can wash the pad over and over again. That way I won’t be spending all my money on replacement pads! DSC_0476 I hope you like it too! Jessica Smile

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