Rustica Hardware Sliding Barn Door Review

Rustica-Hardware-Sliding-Door (3) I’m so so excited about my new sliding barn door from Rustica Hardware, I just had to share! This is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to show off my new door! We just built our FOREVER home, see previous post about moving! Ever since we were in the planning stages, I knew I wanted a sliding barn door from Rustica Hardware. They have the coolest doors and a TON of accessories and hardware to choose from. Their customer service was awesome, and the instructions for hanging the door were very precise and easy to follow. They are located in Provo, UT, but will ship to you! I also love the fact that a lot of their doors are unfinished so you can finish them in whatever color or stain you need to give your house a pop of color. I also just found out that they also sell tables and home décor! If you’re thinking of getting a barn door, please take a minute to check out their selection here. Jessica Smile

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3 thoughts on “Rustica Hardware Sliding Barn Door Review”

  1. Beware their customer service. I had to postpone my renovation & cancelled 12 hours later. They wouldn't return my money, then they added a 20% cancellation fee. I am still fighting with them and no, I will not be ordering from them.

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