DIY BBQ Utensil Holders

party idea

BBQ’s are so much fun in the summer months! For years, I would just put the utensils on the table in their boxes but they would get scattered and just make a mess. Plus, it just didn’t look cute. Here is such a simple idea to make your party “POP” and keep all your utensils organized!

3 Terra cotta pots
craft paint
decorative tape
Sharpie markers
paint brush


  • Paint your terra cotta pots with your craft paint. Let dry!
  • Decorate with the tape.
  • Write on the pots; knife, fork, spoon

Happy BBQ-ing!

4 thoughts on “DIY BBQ Utensil Holders”

  1. these diy bbq utensil holders made from flower pots are totally awesome!! grab a few extra pots while there and add some flowers to the table too 🙂 love these, you did a great job on them!

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